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Return to Warranty

Return/Right of withdrawal

  1. The majority of the products manufactured and/or supplied by Area8 are custom-made and not prefabricated. Products that have been composed according to the customer's specific wishes and are not supplied from stock are excluded from the right of withdrawal. This applies to products manufactured based on individual customer choices.

  2. A consumer can, products in stock and/or for products for which no individual choices have been made, during a cooling-off period of 14 days without giving any reason, provided that:
    the product has not been used
    the product is not damaged

  3. The consumer can make known his right of withdrawal, for products in stock and/or for products for which no individual choices have been made, by e-mail:

  4. The consumer is obliged to return the product to Area8 within 14 days after communicating his right of withdrawal, failing which his right of withdrawal will lapse.

  5. If the consumer requests Area8 to collect the product, the costs will be borne by the consumer. These costs amount to € 150.00 including VAT for addresses within the Netherlands & Belgium. This is only when it cannot be sent with a postal company such as: PostNL, DHL.
    For countries outside the Netherlands & Belgium this will be higher and depends on the delivery costs at that time. 
    The product must be ready behind the first threshold at the agreed time and be properly packaged. If this is not the case, the product will not be taken.

  6. Our packaging is of high quality and is specially tailor-made for each order. If you no longer have the packaging or if it is no longer in its original condition, we will have to make new packaging. The costs for this are €70 per package.


  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Area8 guarantees the soundness of the delivered products for a period of 60 months after delivery.
  2. The warranty with regard to products only applies to defects caused by defective manufacturing, construction or materials. At Area8 the natural ability of wood to work is excluded from the warranty. This is not considered a defect in the manufacturing process, but rather an inherent property of the material itself. The term "effect of wood" means the process of expanding, shrinking, cracking and/or warping of wood. The wood used at Area8 is carefully sawn and dried, with a moisture content between approximately 8% and 12%. This ensures that the product is suitable for use in a heated environment.
  3. The warranty does not apply in the case of normal wear and tear and damage resulting from accidents, changes made to the product, negligence or improper use by the customer, as well as when the cause of the defect cannot be clearly determined.

  4. The risk of loss, damage or theft of the products that are the subject of an agreement between the parties is transferred to the customer at the time when they are legally and/or actually delivered, or at least come into the power of the customer or a third party. third party who receives the product on behalf of the customer.

  5. Small variations in dimensions are possible with customization. Unless otherwise agreed, Area8 reserves the right to deviate by up to 3% from the agreed dimensions.

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